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Judges for our fall shows are:

Thursday Sept 16 and 17th 2010:

OB and Rally Judge for Thursday only Mel Stanley

Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweeps  Lisa Pasquarella and Danna Moeller

Rosemary Leist to judge Boxers, Dogue De Dordeaux,Greater Swiss Mtn Dogs, Rottw

All others to be judges by Burt Yamada

Jr.s Jamie Harshfield

Working Group  Sept 16 will be judged by  Burt Yamada 

Veteran Sweepstakes Group will be judged by Dana Moeller

Puppy Sweepstakes Group Lisa Pasquarella

Sept 17th

Great Danes and Jr's judeged by Treasure Hauer-Wylie

Giant Schnauzers Judges by Brad Child

remander of the working dogs judges by Jay Richardson

Working Group Sept 17 will be judged Jay Richardson

Bred-by Working Group on Sept. 17 judged by   Brad Child

 for more info contact Betty Ruffini 801-619-9495  president of IWWGG and Showchair, for OB and Rally info contact Molle Hess 801-288-2583

Dog Day Afternoon is held every year for more info contact Molle Hess 801-288-2853 , we hope Molle will continue to do this program in the future

 we will be having a great Raffle at our show